Artisans – Flingamo Scarves.


Wear a work of art.  Be a work of art.

Every woman can appreciate a beautiful scarf.  A scarf is a versatile accessory, adding color and sophistication to your outfit .  A silk neck scarf or wrap brings warmth and elegance in a small, vibrant package.

Flingamo Scarves are originals.  I do not create from a stencil or stamp.  They start out as white silk or rayon scarves.  I use many methods, including shibori, hand painting, serti and batik to create unique women’s scarves.  The vibrant colors are steam set, making the scarf washable and colorfast.  I can create one for you that is “similar” to a scarf you see here and like, but it will not be an exact duplicate.  Just like you, it is an original!